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Cellular Networking and Embedded Systems

Cellular Modem Sockets and Technology on Our Embedded Systems


Reaching far beyond the limitations of traditional, unlicensed RF connectivity, cellular networks allow you to deploy your M2M, IoT, or other solutions to some of the most remote locations. Many of embeddedTS’s embedded computers offer cellular modem support through available accessories and daughter cards, or onboard. Sockets for cellular modems include the popular NimbeLink/Digi and Multitech sockets, all of which support carrier pre-certified modems. All of this makes it cost and time effective to get your solution to market and deployed in record time.

  • Cellular networks extend the reach beyond that of traditional RF spectrum
  • Industry favored NimbeLink/Digi and Multitech sockets offer plenty of modem products
  • Carrier pre-certified modems reduce associated overhead and expenses
  • Off the shelf products make it easy to connect with cellular powered networks

Off-the-Shelf Products.

embeddedTS’s embedded product portfolio contains many cellular networking solutions. From onboard modem sockets on our single board computers, like the TS-7180 and TS-7970, to daughter cards and PC/104 peripheral boards, like the TS-DC767-MT and TS-MULTI-104.

Carrier Pre-Certified Modems.

Any product requiring access to a cellular network must meet carrier network certifications before they can operate on the network. Obtaining the certifications can be expensive in both terms of time and cost. embeddedTS is committed to bringing customers solutions that have carrier pre-certified modems, so they can get their product to market quickly.

Sockets and Modems.

Currently, embeddedTS’s cellular modem sockets consist of MultiTech and NimbeLink/Digi sockets.

MultiTech, data communication equipment for industrial IoT, uses a small form factor modem with a standardized pinout. This allows for compatibility across many different cellular networks and locales using a range of MODEMs from MultiTech.

The NimbeLink/Digi socket has the additional advantage of compatibility with both NimbeLink and Digi branded cellular modems.