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Custom Embedded Product Design

With 35+ years of proven solutions, we are your go-to-partner for industrial-grade hardware and software design services for unique ODM/OEM products and integrations.

Hardware design. From truly custom single board computers to COTS derivations.

Even with access to the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry, sometimes you need a true custom embedded computer solution. We offer customization services for off-the-shelf derivatives as well as fully custom single board computers, system-on-modules, touch panel PCs, and industrial controllers.

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Software design. OS and app porting, custom kernel drivers, and FPGA cores.

We believe hardware engineers make the best embedded software engineers, because optimized, stable, low-level code comes from a deep understanding of bare metal hardware. If programming is involved, our professional services can turn out a solution quicker and at lower cost than in-house engineering.

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Hardware software integration. Making ends connect for a complete system integration.

Embedded system integrations involve a complex array of moving parts like operating systems, application software, and extra interface cards, where both custom hardware and software solutions are required. Let the engineers with internal product knowledge get your system running.

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Case Studies and Example Services

Single Board Computer

Needing a custom single board computer solution for vehicle tracking, a customer identified us as an ideal partner because of our experience, low-cost, and flexible manufacturing. Together, we were able to create a new single board computer solution with a unique form factor and options, including GPS and cellular modems. The customer was extremely pleased with our level of support, pricing, and turnaround time.


  • GPS tracking capabilites
  • GPRS/HSPA+ cellular daughter card
  • Industrial temperature range

OS Porting

Most of our systems ship with a Linux kernel, but should your embedded application require a specialized operating system, not only will we work with you to get it ported, we can also pre-load the image that we ship from manufacturing.

Experienced in

  • Linux ®
  • Android™ Based / AOSP
  • Windows® Embedded Compact
  • QNX® Neutrino® RTOS
  • MS-DOS®
  • eCos®
  • and more...

Infotainment Product

We worked with a customer to create an On-Star-esque infotainment system prototype comprised of a cellular modem, GPS, and accelerometer, gyroscope, compass module. Both hardware and software were designed into a TS-4900 solution with an API for the gyroscope over the I2C bus.


  • Cellular Modem
  • GPS Radio
  • Gyroscope/Accelerometer/Compass Module
  • I 2C Bus API for Gyroscope