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Custom Embedded Software Design

Professional services from the physical layer to the application layer. Software design done right by experienced embedded engineers for FPGA IP cores and OS Porting.

Whatever your needs, we want to make our SBCs work for you. If the features and prices of our single board computers are right for your project, but our off-the-shelf operating systems and user-space tools are not what you want to work with, ask us about porting your OS of choice to our SBCs. We believe we have the home field advantage, because we have both embedded hardware and embedded software engineers with in-depth hardware knowledge which is required to write stable, high-performance low-level code. Our engineers have many years of experience designing hardware and software that work together. We write device drivers and port operating systems for every SBC we design, using different architectures and technologies. Contact embeddedTS with any questions about special operating system solutions.

Custom Software Design Services

OS Porting

Most of our systems ship with a Linux kernel, but should your embedded application require a specialized operating system, not only will we work with you to get it ported, we can also pre-load the image that we ship from manufacturing.

Experienced in

  • Linux ®
  • Android™ Based / AOSP
  • Windows® Embedded Compact
  • QNX® Neutrino® RTOS
  • MS-DOS®
  • eCos®
  • and more...

Application Specific

Important operating system components, like TCP/IP networking stack, memory management, filesystems, and more, while convenient add overhead and complexity. This slows down boot time and relinquishing control over low-level hardware. For those considering optimizing their application hardware, we offer custom application-specific programming.

App-specific benefits

  • Reduction in footprint
  • Increased performance
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Embedded microcontroller-like

Kernel Device Drivers

Whether writing drivers from scratch, or modifying existing drivers, we can help you meet your projects unique requirements. For example, Linux's standard serial API works with 8-bit data. We modified the kernel module to allow for 16-bit halfwords to/from userspace to make a 9-bit serial protocol more convenient to interface with.


  • Custom UART protocols
  • Custom memory management
  • Compiling/porting third-party drivers
  • Improve efficiency


FPGA technology accelerates time to market by reducing cost and protecting products from end of life issues associated with proprietary chips. The flexibility of incorporating a custom core into an FPGA is ideal, and many of our off the shelf products already have FPGAs. We have many cores available to load in a custom order, or we can create proprietary cores specific to your application with our amble experience.

FPGA core examples

  • Extended Digital I/O Ports
  • Secure Digital Card IP Core
  • Video Core with Framebuffer
  • Light RS-232/TTL Serial Ports

Custom Software Loads

We aim to streamline your embedded system production process. When ordering product in bulk, it can quickly become inefficient to load custom images. To ease deployment, we offer flexible manufacturing services to have your custom image installed on the factory floor and then shipped. Need to update in the field? We have smart boot-up scripts in place on all our products which can load custom software when powered on.

Loading methods

  • Image included in manufacturing process
  • Self-installation using initrd hooks