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Iridium Solutions


The TS-7800-V2 is a compact single board computer ready to communicate using Iridium satellites.
See the TS-7800-V2 Iridium® solution


The TS-IRIDIUM is a PC/104 peripheral solution with Iridium radio and RS-232 interface.
See the TS-IRIDIUM peripheral solution.


Setup, testing, and other information regarding the TS-IRIDIUM peripheral product.
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Iridium Solutions Global wireless communications.

embeddedTS makes industrial embedded solutions for a wide variety of verticals. From remote pipeline stations to autonomous UAVs taking ocean measurements, to buoys in the Arctic our boards are deployed everywhere. Sometimes the devices have to wake up and phone home with health checks or send data back to base stations. Instead of requiring a tech to deploy to retrieve the data embeddedTS has spent time designing in technology that will enable our devices to phone home from anywhere.

We’ve incorporated Iridium’s cross-linked satellite constellation solution into our product portfolio to provide customers with globally reaching wireless communication. Iridium utilizes 66 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites that cover Earth’s entire surface, including oceans, airways, and polar regions. Using Iridium’s low-latency short burst data (SBD) service is an ideal solution for machine to machine (M2M) communications. SBD is a simple network transport capability for transmitting short text or binary messages between equipment and a centralized system.

Reliability Tips

Some tips to ensure maximum reliability with your Iridium® connection:

  • Iridium satellites cross the sky from North horizon to South horizon
  • A completely open view of the sky is critical for maximizing performance
  • Keep a clear view above 8.2 degrees elevation for full visibility to optimize signal reception
  • Nearby tall buildings, structures, mountains and heavily leafed trees can degrade performance
  • Iridium performance is not impacted by clouds, smoke, rain, wind, snow or fog