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TS-DIO24 Front View TS-DIO24 Front View


24 Digital Input/Output Board

Lifecycle: Fully Developed | Released: January 2005

The TS-DIO24 is an 8-bit PC/104 expansion board that provides 24 digital I/O points.

  • Opto-22 compatible I/O connector
  • 16 I/0 points configurable as inputs or 24 mA outputs
  • 4 Dedicated outputs capable of driving 48 mA
  • 4 Dedicated outputs capable of sinking 1 A
  • Jumper selectable I/O address
$55 (Qty. 1)
No minimum order quantity on standard products.

The TS-DIO24 is an 8-bit PC/104 expansion board that provides 24 digital I/O points.

The I/O connector is an Opto-22 compatible interface that provides 16 I/O points configurable as input or output (24 mA as outputs) as well as 4 dedicated outputs capable of driving 48 mA and 4 dedicated outputs capable of sinking 1 Amp. The PC/104 interface decodes as registers in I/O space, the address is jumper selectable.

There are no drivers available for this product. The board functions are accessed via registers which appear in the CPU memory space, according to the jumper selectable I/O address decode. When using Linux, it is possible to read/write to these registers either from user or kernel space. Quick hardware tests can be performed using embeddedTS provided utilities (peek and poke).

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Product Notices:
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General I/O
General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Pins 16x
Digital Input 4x (1 A Sink)
Digital Output 4x (48 mA Drive)
Fanless Temperature Range 0 °C to 70 °C
Product Configurations 1 50
TS-DIO24 $55 $50
Product Configuration
Part Description Price
TS-DIO24 PC/104 peripheral board with 24 digital I/O points Pricing
Accessories and Extras
Part Description Price
RC-5018 50-pin, 18" ribbon cable $8

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