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Board Specific Peripherals


Boot/Console Peripheral Board for TS-7400 w/ 1 RC-DB9 cable for boards with 128MB flash

Unlike other TS-7000 products, the TS-7400 or TS-7400-V2 are not stand-alone Single Board Computers. The TS-9441 peripheral board is needed during development in order to configure and setup the TS-7400 or TS-7400-V2 flash system. The TS-9441 is equipped with 2KB EEPROM and 2MB serial Flash useful for recovery when an original TS-7400 becomes "bricked" during development (feature not necessary for the TS-7400-V2). Using a console on the TS-7400 or TS-7400-V2 is only possible through the TS-9441 RS232 serial port, named Console Header. Also, the TS-9441 enables regulated 5VDC power in. Once the TS-7400 or TS-7400-V2 is configured and loaded, it can safely run stand-alone.

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Image of a TS-7400 SoM with a TS-9441 peripheral board and cables:

Image of a TS-7400 SoM with a TS-9441 peripheral board and cables