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Deploying Smarter Sensor Systems

Gather, Process, and Take Action on Environmental Data

Sensor Interfacing

Receive sensor data via industry standard interfaces.
See an example using I2C.
See an example using ADC.

Processing Data

Process and parse your data onboard.
Take a look at processing soil moisture data.

Taking Action

Take action to transmit or store sensor data.
Learn how Xbee was utilized to send SMS alerts.

Talking to Sensors. Utilizing our boards with industry standard sensor interfaces.

Equipped with industry standard interfaces (UART, ADC, I2C, SPI, USB, etc.) and high performance processing power, our boards can talk to a majority of sensors and enable you to process that data onboard. Data can then be stored safely using a variety of storage mediums (microSD, eMMC Flash, FRAM, etc.) and/or transmitted wirelessly (XBee, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, etc.). So, go ahead and connect those temperature, proximity, lighting, air quality, or pressure sensors!

Putting it all together. Example arctic project that uses sensors to full potential.

Ice911.org designed an autonomous station in the Arctic which utilizes sonar, light, and radiation sensors to gather and relay data and to scientists by using WiFi and Cellular make informed decisions to protecting our environment.

Take a look at the Arctic Buoy case study