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Asset Tracking and Management

Solutions for Fleet/Asset/Vehicle Management


Having access to live data from out in the field is incredibly valuable in making smart, informed decisions about your business.

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The TS-7670 is a small SBC that is designed to provide extreme performance for applications which demand high reliability, fast bootup/startup, and connectivity at low cost and low power, such as fleet vehicle or asset tracking.

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Getting Started

See how easy it is to get started on our TS-7670 single board computer.

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Adorable Assets. Tracking penguins to study their health.

When Daedalus Technology Group needed to design a penguin weigh station to deploy to Antarctica, they came to embeddedTS. Everything going to Cape Crozier has to be lightweight, rugged, and reliable and the TS-7250-V2 met all of those demands. Using RS-232 to communicate to the RFID reader and scale controller, the scientists gathered the data and stored it to the microSD card.

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GPS On-board. The TS-7180 has an on-board GPS option available.

This versatile embedded single board computer hits on all the main points for a low power, cost effective, Internet-of-Things (IoT) capable, and ready-to-deploy OEM board with an emphasis on data integrity.

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