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Wireless Connectivity

Robust and Rugged Embedded Computers with Wireless Solutions

Wires? Where we’re going, we don’t need wires.

When it comes to transferring data wirelessly in an embedded environment, our off the shelf and custom solutions have you covered. Our products offer a range of built-in wireless data communication solutions for short range, wireless sensor networks (WSN/WSAN) to global, wide area networks (WAN). We’ve preloaded our single board computer (SBC) and System on Module (SoM) products with everything you need to get started using widely adopted technologies like ZigBee, XBee, NimbeLink for Cellular, WiFi Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, LoRa, Iridium, and more. You can be sure you can transfer or process the data you’ve collected from your local, remote, or mobile embedded system when wires aren’t practical.

  • Complete wireless product portfolio with the latest wireless technologies
  • Built-in and tested driver and software support preloaded
  • Customizable wireless options and configurations put you in charge
  • Solutions for WSN, PAN, LAN, WAN networking

Highly Connected. Embedded products with the latest wireless technologies.

embeddedTS embedded computers have the latest, widely adopted wireless technologies for getting data transferred easily to other computers, servers, gateways, or nodes. With names like NimbeLink, Digi, XBee, LoRa, WiFi Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Iridium, and more, we’ve got your wireless needs covered. Solutions come soldered down on the board or as a daughter card/peripheral board.

Flexible Options. We can configure or customize embedded boards to fit your requirements.

Whether it’s an off the shelf board or a totally custom board, we can help you navigate the current wireless options and configurations. Most of our latest boards come with a simple wireless product configuration option you can select at the time of checkout. We can also engineer an entirely new and custom embedded system for your application.

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Wireless Peripherals. Add wireless functionality to your embedded board.

We carry a variety of off the shelf peripherals and daughter cards so you can extend the featureset of your system to include wireless connectivity. Peripheral connections include PC/104, mPCIe, USB, NimbeLink socket (also supports XBee modules), and more. Simply plug them into the appropriate port or socket on your board, and you’ll be wirelessly transmitting data in no time.

Featured Article

An example project that dives into building a wireless, internet connected, SMS door alert system using XBee and a TS-7553-V2.

Example XBee Project: Opened Door Alert via Email/SMS