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TS-8820-4100 Quick Start Guide

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TS-8820-4100 Quick Start Guide

For complete documentation, please refer to the TS-8820-4100 manual.

1 Prepare Power Cable

Attach wire leads of power supply* to 12-pin screw terminal connect, positive lead to pin 9 and negative lead to pin 12.

* Power supply must output between 10 - 30 VDC.
2 Connect Console

Attach NULL Modem cable (CB7-05) to the DB-9 connector and to serial port* on computer.

* Serial to USB adapters work well for this.
3 Open Terminal Program

Open a terminal emulator program such as PuTTY, minicom, screen, or picocom, and connect to serial port using 115200, 8N1, no flow control.

Showing minicom configuration screen, minicom -s.
4 Apply Power

Install 12-pin screw terminal connector to connector labeled P6. You will see POWER, RED, and GREEN LEDs flash and output on your terminal console.

5 Login

When prompted, login using username root. No password is required.

Showing minicom configuration screen, minicom -s.
6 Hello World

Type ts8820ctl --help and hit enter to run the example application.