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Single Board Computers

Versatile Computer Boards Engineered for Industrial Embedded Applications

Explore Single Board Computers

embeddedTS’s embedded single board computers (SBC) are designed for demanding industrial applications requiring rugged, long lasting, and energy efficient solutions. Our off the shelf products are fully loaded with plenty of industry standard connectors and interfaces to satisfy nearly any project requirements. Additionally, optimized software is preloaded onto all products so you can begin developing out of the box.

Built-in Value
  • Industry leading long lifecycle support at 10+ years
  • Not once have we discontinued support for a product in 35+ years
  • Free tier 1 technical support directly from our engineering team
  • Designed, assembled, tested, and shipped from Arizona, USA

Compact Form Factor. Unreal number of features packed into small packages.

Our small form factor single board computers allow you to pack a ton of features into a small space, allowing for deployment in the tightest of spaces. By integrating so many features into our products, a single piece of equipment can replace multiple single function devices. Durable enclosures with optional DIN mounts are available for our single board computers to protect from harsh environments.

See our smallest SBCs

Industry Ready. Interface with control systems to collect data and automate processes

Not only are most of our single board computers able to handle industrial temperature ranges, they are also packed with standard I/O ports like RS-232, RS-485, CAN, GPIO, ADCs, DACs, Ethernet, and more. This combination of ruggedness and I/O features allows our SBCs to thrive in manufacturing and automation, asset management, industrial control systems, industrial IoT, and many other industries.

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Highly Connected. We have your wired or wireless communication needs covered.

We offer a large variety of ways to handle data transfers to external systems, including wired connections like USB, Ethernet and ModBus ports and wireless connections like WiFi, Bluetooth, XBee/ZigBee, Cellular, LoRa or other proprietary or industry specific networks. Most of our products offer multiple wired and wireless connections and ports conveniently on one board, perfect for IoT applications.

Take a look at our connected TS-7553-V2 IoT gateway

Low Power. Power sipping at less than 2 W power consumption on average.

All of our single board computers are designed with power efficiency in mind from the beginning. This keeps their operational expenses down to a minimum. It also allows for remote deployment where off-grid power sources, like wind, solar, or battery, are the only option.

Check out the TS-7400-V2 running at 0.6 W

Customizable. Modular single board computers, product derivatives, or fully custom designs

Our unique TS-SOCKET connector allows you to pair a variety of proven CPU modules with your own selection of I/O or custom IP . If one of our off the shelf hardware solutions meets your needs, we can still streamline your production processes by preloading your software or installing additional accessories. If you need more support bringing your application to market, product customization services are available. From tweak an existing off-the-shelf product by excluding components or modifying an onboard FPGA with specialized functionality to designing an entirely new board from scratch.

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