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TS-TPC-8950 Front View TS-TPC-8950 Front View
TS-8950 Rear View TS-8950 Rear View
TS-TPC-8950 Front View
TS-8950 Rear View


TS-SOCKET Baseboard with 10" LCD Touch Panel Display

Lifecycle: Fully Developed | Released: February 2016 | RoHS Compliant Badge RoHS Compliant

The TS-TPC-8950 is a TS-SOCKET baseboard comprised of a 10" TFT LCD and TS-8950 baseboard, ready to be paired with a TS-SOCKET

  • TS-SOCKET Baseboard (requires TS-SOCKET Macrocontroller)
  • SD card socket for additional Flash
  • TS-4900: Linux, Android, QNX, Windows
  • High brightness LCD (320 nits)
  • 800x600 TFT 10-inch LCD
$619 (Qty. 1)
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The TS-TPC-8950 is a TS-SOCKET baseboard comprised of a 10" TFT LCD and TS-8950 baseboard, ready to be paired with a TS-SOCKET macrocontroller (sold separately). It is an ideal solution for applications requiring a touch screen human machine interface (HMI), such as industrial automation, home automation, self-service machines, and point-of-sale terminals. This product offers an excellent value with a full range of features and industry standard connectors and a fanless, low power, high performance modular design.


The TS-TPC-8950 is a low-cost, industrial-grade TS-SOCKET baseboard with WVGA touchscreen, speaker, and black bezel. Reliability is enhanced through entirely solid-state operation with no moving parts and requires no fans or heat-sinks. The rugged aluminum support elegantly frames the 10-inch TFT LCD, making it an ideal solution for mounting on a wall or cabinet. The computer unit is mounted to the back of the panel, providing access to a wide variety of connectors including both Gigabit and 10/100BASE-T Ethernet ports, three full-speed USB host ports via standard USB connectors, DIO, and serial ports. The unit runs Yocto Linux out of the box and is suitable for a wide range of HMI-type and simple GUI applications.

The TS-TPC-8950 is an upgrade of the TS-TPC-8900, adding the following new features and options:

  • Primary ethernet port is now Gigabit
  • Added 3rd USB Host port
  • Added 3rd RS-232 port
  • Added A/D to monitor all power rails
  • Changed POE from 12 watts to 24 watts (POE Plus)
  • Console is now USB device port
  • Options
  • mSATA SSD support
  • Mini-PCIe cell modem interface


The TS-8950 baseboard, mated with one of two multi-purpose macrocontrollers running an 800MHz Arm®-based CPU, powers the TS-TPC-8950 Touch Panel Computer. It allows development of multi-function embedded applications through its multiple peripheral interfaces, which include on-board RAM, NAND flash, both Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet ports, three USB 2.0 host ports, serial ports, SD card socket, digital I/O lines, real time clock, audio codec and speaker, video framebuffer, touchscreen, and LCD video interfaces.

  • I2C Bus and SPI Bus
  • 8 Digital Outputs (0-3.3V)
  • 8 Digital Inputs (0-5V)

The TS-8950 engine is extremely rugged and reliable. Temperature operation is fanless and the range is the industrial standard at lower CPU speeds. The LCD is rated for storage temperature range of -30 ° to +80 °C. The operating range is -20 °C to +70 °C. The unit may be powered by a standard DC supply with a flexible input range from 5V DC to 30V DC or via Power over Ethernet (PoE) on Ethernet port #1. The power supplies for both the LCD and the LCD back-light are controlled via software.

Detailed Feature List

  • TS-SOCKET Baseboard (requires TS-SOCKET Macrocontroller)
  • SD card socket for additional Flash
  • TS-4900: Linux, Android, QNX, Windows
  • High brightness LCD (320 nits)
  • 800x600 TFT 10-inch LCD
  • 4 Wire Resistive Touch-Screen Interface
  • Accepts 5VDC, 8 - 30VDC, or PoE Power
  • Typical power consumption < 10Watts
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet; 1x 10/100 Ethernet
  • PoE Plus (24W) on Ethernet 1 (ETH1)
  • 3x USB Host Ports
  • 1x USB Device (Console Only)
  • 1 RS-485/422 Port (selectable)
  • 1 RS-485 Port (dedicated)
  • 3x RS-232 Ports
  • 2x CAN Bus
  • 8 DIO Selectable In or Out (TTL Levels)
  • I2C Bus
  • SPI Bus
  • Header for headphones, remote speaker, microphone
  • Amplified Mono Speaker
  • XBee Radio Socket
  • Unbrickable, boots from SD or Flash
  • Fanless -20 °C to +70 °C operation
  • Battery for Real-Time Clock
  • 2 User Programmable LEDs
  • mSATA SSD Support
  • mini-PCIe Cell Modem Interface

embeddedTS has partnered with a third-party vendor to provide anti-microbial, shock-absorbing, and super scratch-resistant film overlays. These films also protect screens from scratches, dirt, and abrasion. If interested, inquire with sales for more information and learn how to obtain a sample.

embeddedTS provides complete documentation for our mature products, including manuals, schematics, mechanical drawings, etc. The most recent documentation files are always made available through our website. If you don't find the documentation you are looking for, contact support for more information. Also, please make sure to visit our Embedded Systems Support webpage, and our official documentation.

From the Blog:
Product Notices:
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Battery-Backed Real Time Clock 1x
General I/O
General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Pins 8x
Serial Interfaces
RS-232 Ports 3x
RS-485 Ports 1x
RS-422 Ports 1x
SPI Ports 1x
I2C Ports 1x
Peripheral Interfaces
USB Host Ports 3x
USB Device Ports 1x
PC/104 Ports 1x
Industrial Protocols
CAN Ports 1x
Gigabit Ethernet Ports 1x
10/100 Ethernet Ports 1x
Power-over-Ethernet Yes
Operating Supply Voltage 5 VDC to 30 VDC
Maximum Power Consumption 10.00 W
Fanless Temperature Range -20 °C to 70 °C
Width 284.0 mm
Length 50.8 mm
Height 218.4 mm
SATA Ports 1x
Graphics / HMI
Screen Diagonal Size 10"
Touchscreen Yes
Screen Resolution 800x600
Speaker Yes
Touchscreen Type Resistive
Radio Comms
Cellular Modem Yes
Product Configurations 1
TS-TPC-8950 $619
TS-TPC-8950-DEV $697
Product Configuration
Part Description Price
TS-TPC-8950 Open mountable frame 10" touch panel computer (system-on-module not included) Pricing
TS-TPC-8950-DEV Open mountable frame 10" touch panel computer (system-on-module not included) with accelerometer, mini-PCIe/mSATA slot with SIM card Pricing
Accessories and Extras
Part Description Price
CB-JUMPER-10-F-F-6 Quantity 10 female-to-female 6-inch red jumper wires for use with 0.1” headers $7
RC-DB9 10-pin header COM port adapter cable to DB-9 $5
CB-USB-A-FEMALE-MICRO 7" USB 2.0 Type-A Receptacle (Female) to Micro-B cable $9
LCD10-STAND Desktop metal support to mount a 10-inch TFT-LCD panel $69
CB-USB-A-MICRO-GOLD 7" USB 2.0 Type-A to Micro-B cable $9

CA Prop 65 Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Modular products built using the TS-TPC-8950.

TS-TPC-8950-4900 Thumbnail
10" High Performance Mountable Touch Panel Computer
  • Connected 10" Touch Panel PC with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Robust Connectivity with USB, SATA II, PCIe, RS-485, CAN, DIO, and More
  • Accelerated 3D Graphics with i.MX6 Optimized Yocto Linux v3.10

$776 (Qty. 100) $822 (Qty. 1)