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VGA/Keyboard Adapter with Compact Flash Socket

Lifecycle: Legacy | Released: June 2002 | RoHS Compliant Badge RoHS Compliant

The TS-9500 PC/104 peripheral board is designed to work with the embeddedTS 3000 and 5000 series of Single Board Computers.

  • Provides standard VGA video output
  • Provides PS/2 keyboard and mouse interfaces
  • Enables Quicker Development
$300 (Qty. 100) $354 (Qty. 1)
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The TS-9500 PC/104 peripheral board is designed to work with the embeddedTS 3000 and 5000 series of Single Board Computers. It provides a standard VGA video out and PS/2 compatible keyboard and mouse interfaces. Therefore, the TS-9500 is a product recommended for all X86 Development Kits

The embeddedTS TS-9500 is a valuable tool when developing for any embeddedTS Single Board Computer (SBC). It features a Compact Flash interface, standard VGA video connector, and standard connectors for a PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse. The TS-9500 daughter board allows for a developer to write source code, compile, run, and debug right on the target SBC using a typical PC compatible development suite (such as Borland's Turbo C). By simply moving your development tools onto the Compact Flash card, and plugging in monitor and keyboard, one can develop and debug directly on the target platform.

Also, the TS-9500 allows rapid and error-free software loads for production units using images stored in a Compact Flash card. embeddedTS SBC boards can boot directly from this board, even if the SBC Flash disk is corrupted. The 'flashup' software utility allows the TS-9500 to capture and restore binary images of the target SBC.

The TS-9500 can be used with the following products:

  • All TS-5000 Series x86 based SBC's
  • TS-3400
  • TS-3300
  • TS-3200
  • TS-3100 (some limitations due to 8-bit bus)
  • We highly recommend that developers use the SanDisk USB Compact Flash card Reader to quickly, easily, and reliably transfer files from your host PC to the target.

The BIOS in the TS-9500 can be used to boot the attached SBC. Setting Dip Switch #1 "ON" will cause the BIOS in the TS-9500 to be executed instead of the BIOS firmware on the SBC. This can be useful if the main SBC flash chip has been corrupted. Setting the Dip Switch #1 to the OFF position will cause the boot process to revert to the normal method using the BIOS in the SBC Flash chip.

When DIP Switch #1 is ON, then DIP Switches 2 and 3 must be selecting the correct SBC BIOS. (See Section 11 DIP Switch Settings)

Please, contact embeddedTS for further information about this product or refer to the manual.

Detailed Feature List

  • Compact Flash socket
  • Standard VGA video connector
  • PS/2 keyboard connector
  • PS/2 mouse connector
  • 16-bit PC/104 Bus
  • Power 300mA @ 5VDC
  • Temperature Range -20° to +70°C
  • Dimensions 4.0 x 4.6 inches

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Fanless Temperature Range -20 ° to 70 °C
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TS-9500 $354 $341 $328 $313 $300
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TS-9500 VGA/Keyboard adapter with Compact Flash socket Pricing
Flash Media
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CF-2GB-BLANK 2GB Compact Flash Card - Blank $32

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