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TS-7KV Front View TS-7KV Front View


Multi-Function Video

Lifecycle: Fully Developed | Released: October 2005

TS-7KV is a PC/104 (standard format) peripheral board that works with all embeddedTS ARM embedded computers to provide VGA video function.

  • 16-bit color, 640X480 resolution
  • 8MB dedicated video memory @ 95MHz
  • Simple and fast video accelerator
  • Accelerated Linux framebuffer driver
  • DB15 VGA connector or 10 pin header
$132 (Qty. 1)
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TS-7KV is a PC/104 (standard format) peripheral board that works with all embeddedTS ARM embedded computers to provide VGA video function. The TS-VIDCORE is implemented in the on-board Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA, which is re-configurable by software through the Linux OS during runtime. The TS-7KV also includes 8-channel ADC, serial port, and more.

Note : The TS-7KV is ONLY compatible the TS-7200, TS-7250, TS-7260, and TS-7800 single board computers

At the heart of the TS-7KV is a Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA that is loaded with functionality by the OS device drivers. The default bitstream simultaneously supports all the above features and options. embeddedTS professional services can modify the hardware functionality with a simple driver change, which allows us to support all future video and LCD interfaces. It is also possible to add a specific kind of video acceleration if the default core's primitives are insufficient. Most any application from a secondary coprocessor to a synchronous serial port is possible through this device, so please talk with a embeddedTS engineer about your requirements-- we may already have a bitstream for it.

The TS-VIDCORE included on the FPGA is a unique video core specifically designed in tandem with the Linux framebuffer driver. Hardware accelerations were implemented and designed to mesh well with the capabilities of the Linux 2.4 frame buffer device driver API. embeddedTS engineers carefully chose which functionality was implemented in hardware, which functionality was left out for software, and which functionality was hard-coded in the bitstream. The result was a higher speed design that is technically elegant and simple in good embedded systems fashion. The TS-7KV has dedicated video memory which allows CPU throughput and real-time response to remain fast and predictable, a clear advantage over devices which share system memory.

The TS-7KV includes not only video functionality but also a 5 megabaud capable RS232/RS485 serial port, 24 DIO pins and an 8 channel ADC.  All of this functionality fits efficiently on the on-board FPGA with no reduction in feature set or increase in FPGA size. embeddedTS insists on maximum functionality for minimum cost and this board is no exception.

The Kernel and Linux distribution shipped with our ARM SBCs include driver support for the complete TS-7KV hardware, which configures it as an out-of-the-box solution.

Software packages include Linux video framebuffer driver, pre-compiled graphical user interface API, video-testing applications, etc. Refer to the TS-7KV product manual or contact embeddedTS for further TS-7KV software information.

embeddedTS provides complete documentation for our mature products, including manuals, schematics, mechanical drawings, etc. The most recent documentation files are always made available through our website. If you don't find the documentation you are looking for, contact support for more information. Also, please make sure to visit our Embedded Systems Support webpage, and our official documentation.

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TS-7KV Multi-function Video Board - PC/104 peripheral board Pricing
TS-7KV-AD PC/104 multi-function video peripheral board with 12 bit ADC option Pricing

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