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TS-5700 Front View TS-5700 Front View
TS-5700 Front View with WiFi Card TS-5700 Front View with WiFi Card
TS-5700 Front View
TS-5700 Front View with WiFi Card


133MHz PC-Compatible Fanless Embedded Computer

Lifecycle: Legacy | Released: April 2004

The TS-5700 is an Embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) that features a 133MHz 586 CPU and a wide-set of I/O interfaces.

  • Easy embedded application development
  • Reliable deployment and ruggedness
  • DOS operating system preloaded with Linux available
$547 (Qty. 100) $553 (Qty. 1)
No minimum order quantity on standard products.

This product is a compact, full-featured PC compatible Single Board Computer based on the AMD Elan520 processor. At 133 MHz, it is approximately 10 times faster than our other 386EX based products for only a small additional cost. PC compatibility allows for rapid development since you can use standard PC development tools such as Turbo C or Power Basic or Linux based tools as well. If you have done work in the PC world in the past, you will find you can now build applications for a very small target that does not require a keyboard, video, floppy disks, or hard drives.

Additional features include:

  • PC compatible based on AMD Elan 520 @ 133 MHz
    • 4 PC/AT standard serial ports with 16 Byte FIFOs
    • PC/AT standard DMA controller PC/AT standard Floating Point Unit
    • PC/AT standard interrupt control unit
    • PC/AT standard timer/counter unit
    • Watchdog timer unit
  • One PCMCIA Type II Slot..ideal for WiFi Cards and other hot-swappable devices
  • 32 MB of High Speed SDRAM (64 MB RAM optional)
  • 2 MB Flash disk with full BIOS support (4 MB Flash optional)
  • Compact Flash Card interfaced as IDE0
  • 10/100 Ethernet interface - autosense, LED indicators
  • 23 DIO lines (IRQ capable)
  • External Reset DIO input
  • Alphanumeric LCD interface
  • Matrix Keypad interface on DIO2
  • PC/104 8/16 bit bus
  • Rugged quick-release terminal strips used for power
  • Dimensions are 4.3" x 5.6" (PC/104 mounting holes)
  • Power requirements are 5V DC @ 900 mA
  • Operating Temperature Range: Fanless  -20° to +70°C 
  • Optional Extended Temperature Range  -40° to +80°C 
  • Optional Battery Backed Real Time Clock
  • Optional RS-485 support on COM1 (full or half duplex)

PC compatibility requires much more than just an x86 processor. It requires PC compatible memory and I/O maps as well as a PC compatible BIOS. The General Software EMBEDDED BIOS (Version 4.3) offers a high degree of compatibility with past and present BIOS standards allowing it to run off-the shelf operating systems and application software. This PC compatible BIOS boots to IDE Compact Flash or Drive A and the BIOS is shadowed in RAM for speed.

The TS-5000 computers are shipped, free of charge, with Embedded DOS ROM by General Software. They can also be shipped upon request with Linux pre-installed for a nominal fee. The Linux file system and kernel is also freely available on the web should you wish to install it yourself. Typically, the Linux OS requires a 16MB or larger Compact Flash or an M-Systems DiskOnChip.

embeddedTS Embedded PCs are compatible with a wide variety of x86-based operating systems. A partial list OS's currently used with our boards by customers includes:

  • TNT Embedded Toolsuite, Phar Lap Software
  • UCos II
  • RTKernel, On Time Software
  • RTEMS, On-Line Applications Research Corporation
  • DOS with WATTCP, public domain TCP/IP source code for DOS
  • Linux

Linux features

  • Available with Linux 2.4 kernel installed on 64 MB or higher Compact Flash
  • Small Linux Initial Ramdisk can fit into onboard 2 MB Flash Drive

DOS Features

  • General Software DOS-ROM included
  • Full TCP/IP library for DOS (Waterloo TCP/IP) with source code included
  • Web server with full source code that can control DIO pins
  • Transfer files to and from the SBC with Zmodem
  • Console redirection over a serial port
  • Example programs with source code included
  • BIOS natively supports Matrix Keypad masqueraded as normal keyboard input to applications with alphanumeric LCD masqueraded as Video Output

OS Compatibility List

  • uC/OS-II Real-time multi-tasking kernel
  • eRTOS embedded Real-Time Operating System
  • microCommander Modular HMI & automation software
  • MicroDigital SMX Modular RTOS for embedded systems
  • QNX Embedded real-time operating system

embeddedTS provides complete documentation for our mature products, including manuals, schematics, mechanical drawings, etc. The most recent documentation files are always made available through our website. If you don't find the documentation you are looking for, contact support for more information. Also, please make sure to visit our Embedded Systems Support webpage, and our official documentation.

From the Blog:
Product Notices:
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Architecture X86
Part Number Elan 520
Vendor AMD
CPU Speed 133 MHz
CPU Cores (Max) 1x
Core Specs
Base Memory Capacity 32 MB
Maximum Memory Capacity 64 MB
Watchdog Timer 1x
Base Flash Capacity 4 MB
Flash Type NAND
Compact Flash Socket 1x
Battery-Backed Real Time Clock 1x
General I/O
General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Pins 23x
Serial Interfaces
RS-232 Ports 4x
RS-485 Ports 1x
Peripheral Interfaces
PC/104 Ports 1x
10/100 Ethernet Ports 1x
Operating Supply Voltage 5 VDC
Maximum Power Consumption 4.50 W
Fanless Temperature Range -40 °C to 85 °C
Width 142.0 mm
Length 111.8 mm
Graphics / HMI
Matrix Keypad Header 1x
Text LCD Header 1x
Product Configurations 1 10 100
TS-5700-64 $553 $547 $547
TS-5700-64-ST104 $585 $579 $579
Product Configuration
Part Description Price
TS-5700-32 TS-5700 Single Board Computer with 32 MB RAM Limited
TS-5700-64 TS-5700 single board computer with 6MB RAM Pricing
TS-5700-64-ST104 TS-5700 single board computer with 64MB RAM with 16-bit 104-pin stack-thru PC/104 connector Pricing
Flash Media
Part Description Price
CF-2GB-5x00-LIN 2GB Compact Flash Card pre-installed with Linux OS $32
CF-2GB-5x00-DOS 2GB Compact Flash Card pre-installed with DOS OS $32
Accessories and Extras
Part Description Price
TS-5620 PC/104 Peripheral - Battery Backed Real Time Clock $35
KPAD Matrix keypad with cable $35
RC-DB9 10-pin header COM port adapter cable to DB-9 $5
LCD-LED Alphanumeric 2x24 LCD with backlight and cable $50
CB7-05 Null modem cable with a DB9F at each end $10
Power Supplies
Part Description Price
PS-5VDC-REG-2P1 Regulated 5 VDC, 2.5 A wall mounted power supply with 2 pin black screw terminal connector (100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, A-type Plug) $26
PS-12VDC-REG-3PG Regulated 12 VDC, 2.5 A wall mounted power supply with 3 pin green connector (100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, A-type Plug) $21

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