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5VDC switching power supply peripheral

Two PC/104 mounting holes are provided to allow the TS-12W to be positioned as the top board on the PC/104 stack and provide power to the entire stack. Safety features include over-current limit, thermal shutdown and reverse polarity protection. Ferrite beads and capacitor filters allow the TS-12W coupled with a Single Board Computer to operate well in industrial environments.


Detailed Features List

  • Regulated +5V DC via PC/104 bus
  • Up to 2.4 Amps @ +5V DC
  • 10-40V DC reverse polarity protection
  • Designed for noise reduction/immunity
  • High-efficient/Low-heat Switching Power
  • Lockout circuit for VIN < 10V
  • LED indicator +5V DC output
  • TTL input controls +5V DC output
  • Screw terminals for input power

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