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Paired Power Case Study

Partnered with Airgain Embedded


Paired Power is reimagining charging mobility by pairing ultraclean solar power with innovative charging and storage solutions that are fast to deploy, resiliently outage-proof, and cost-effective.

Featuring the flexibility to charge anywhere, off the grid and on, its stations require little to no construction and deploy in months or years like other charging alternatives.

Paired Power uses the embeddedTS  TS-7250-V3 as the primary controller for the charge session, which includes monitoring of the electric vehicle, the electrical parameters of the charge session (current, voltage, power), and various other relevant information.    Paired Power takes advantage of the TS-7250-V3 to sleep using the onboard microcontroller. This is especially useful when we're completely off the grid and can't charge the housekeeping battery at night when there isn't any sunshine.  We shut everything down, including the TS-7250-V3, microprogrammed to wake up around sunrise the next morning.  This keeps our charger in a very low power state all night.

The Airgain Embedded Certified Modem in the TS-7250-V3 NimbeLink socket is used to authenticate, verify and communicate with the EV driver via a mobile app.  External notifications are also part of the mix; if the EV driver desires, we relay a text message to them at the end of the charge session.

TS-7250-v3 Industrial Embedded computer

The embeddedTS TS-7250-V3 is an extremely low-power, high-performance Single Board Computer powered by NXP i.MX 6UltraLite with the ARM® Cortex®-A7 core operating up to 696 MHz. Typical power usage is about 1 W, packed with up to 1 GB RAM, 4 GB eMMC flash, microSD, WiFi, and Bluetooth module with external u.FL antenna and many industry-standard interfaces. It targets applications with strict power requirements yet needs a high-performance system with wireless connectivity, like industrial automation, medical, automotive, industrial automation, smart energy, and many more.

IoT cellular embedded modems by airgain

Airgain Embedded has a large family of patented NimbeLink cellular embedded modems certified as “end-devices,” meaning further carrier certifications for your product are unnecessary. We offer the latest 4G LTE technologies, including LTE-M, NB-IoT, LTE CAT1, and LTE CAT4. All NimbeLink products are built on the same small form factor and are pin-compatible – essentially future-proof – allowing you to incorporate future cellular technologies without board-level changes.