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Making Embedded Easy and Open

We Make Embedded Easy and Open

We’ve embraced the open source community since we released our first single board computer product back in 1997. Our mission was to “make embedded easy” and we delivered, long before our competitors did. We engineer reliable, off-the-shelf embedded computers with an extremely long lifecycle, and we freely provide all schematics, drawings, and source code. Additionally, we support our products for free through various channels like getting started guides, community forums, high quality manuals, and by offering direct lines to engineering through phone or email. Plus, we foster community support through mailing lists and forums. Our open source principles have proven to be a way for professionals, Makers, and students alike to easily innovate and create products as well as carry them through stages from prototype to full production.

  • Off-the-shelf embedded computer solutions with long lifecycles (10+ years)
  • Easy to follow, complete documentation freely available for all products
  • Direct-to-engineer phone and email support along with community support
  • Preloaded with software and drivers for quick development and integration
  • Comes standard with popular industry protocols like USB, RJ-45, DB-9, etc.

Open Source Minded

We believe in the open source model to enable collaboration and provide the best end product. Our product schematics, drawings, and source code are easily accessible and free to download. Furthermore, we offer online manuals, getting started guides, and example code to unlock even more potential.

Standing Behind Our Product

We firmly believe in and stand behind our embedded products. To show this, we offer free support directly from the engineers who built them plus a warranty and extended 45-day evaluation period. Whenever possible, we deploy our own products in our warehouse to automate processes and test longevity and usage patterns for continuous improvements.

Innovate and Create

Spend more time making and less time getting bogged down in the documentation. Get your project up and running quickly. Our getting started guides, example codes, and preloaded utilities are there to help engineers, students, and Makers get to the finish line in record time. If you still need help, we have a vetted partner network who are familiar with our products ready to jump in and help you.

Preloaded Optimized Software

All of our embedded computers come preloaded with all the familiar software you need to make the most of the hardware features. The majority of our computers come installed with a full Linux distribution, making tens of thousands of programs available at your fingertips. Any necessary drivers for compatible peripherals are included as well. User space utilities to toggle DIO, gather sensor data, and manage power have been included as well, so you can work on ‘Getting to Blinky’ within minutes of powering up your computer.


For engineers planning on going to market with their product, we can help reduce your cost by offering customizations, even for smaller production quantities. We can also work with you to create an entirely custom solution from the ground up. Where other embedded computer solutions leave you stuck in the prototype stages, we can be there to see you through to production.

Long Lifecycle

Our 10+ year lifecycle guarantee is one of our greatest differentiators in the embedded market. We meticulously choose components, vendors, and suppliers to ensure our products can be purchased decades from their release date. We also recognize that software and hardware changes from the factory can be disruptive, so our goal is to minimize production changes while also supporting the latest tech and security updates.