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Embedded System Solutions Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA with Globally Sourced Components


Our highly collaborative team of hardware, software, and mechanical engineers is located at our headquarters in Arizona, USA. All aspects of our embedded solutions are designed in house, from the electronics in the Single Board Computers to the enclosures we offer to finish off the solution, and the software board support package that runs in the middle.


Every embedded product is rigorously tested at our facility by our quality assurance team. Every member of the team has open-door access to engineers down the hall to provide immediate feedback and get root cause analysis quickly for the iterative design process. Furthermore, selected products are pushed to the limits at a USA-based HALT facility, where we can play an active role in testing our products to the extreme.


The electronic components are assembled onto the printed circuit boards at a nearby contract manufacturing facility, where we play an active role in how our boards are assembled. Having the CM close by makes our turn-around time fast and accurate.


All of our support channels, such as phone, email, forums, and RMAs, are directly handled by our support team from the Arizona headquarters. The technical support team consists of very same engineers who designed the products. Our repair technicians are also just down the hall and play a critical role in collaborating on product design and support.