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FPGA Enabled Embedded Computers


embeddedTS’s embedded computers feature a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to provide not only glue logic, but also additional features and customization options. Features like additional I/O, video, serial ports, digital signal processing (DSP), and more are preloaded on the FPGA so you can take full advantage out of the box. Customers looking for FPGA evaluation or development boards to get their projects off the ground quickly, find our ready to deploy, customizable products attractive, without the need for in-house expertise. Our professional services can customize an existing design or come up with an entirely new design to fit exact specifications. Customers with know-how can also load their own bitstreams into our embedded computers that feature user programmable FPGAs.

Design Benefits
  • Extended functionality to standard system on chips (SoC)
  • Reduced time to market without the need for complete hardware spins
  • Anti-obsolescence by allowing agile response to market changes
  • User programmable FPGAs keep expertise in house for fast turn around

Powerful FPGA Cores. FPGAs programmed to deliver the most bang for your buck.

Our FPGA IP cores extend the featureset of a standard SoCs by packing in more industry standard ports, I/O options, video and processing cores, and data integrity features. This is a big part of what differentiates and elevates our products above the others.

Board Customization. Functionality custom tailored to your application.

Our professional services can quickly and cost effectively extend and modify the preloaded FPGA bitstreams with customized ones that fit your exact specifications. This also protects your product from end of life issues associated with proprietary chips.

See what we can do for you

Open Cores. User programmable FPGAs enable you to take charge.

On our products that feature user programmable FPGAs, we’ve set aside some LUTs alongside our FPGA IP cores for you to program your own logic. An easy to use mechanism allows you to easily and automatically load your custom bitstream on-the-fly during the bootup process. Schematics with pinouts are freely available for download.

View the TS-4600 featuring user-programmable FPGA


By programming a simple modem and plugging it directly into a standard UART core, we’ve allowed support for as many HART channels as we have ADCs for and not require custom design work with ASIC transceiver chips on the board.


FIR and IIR digital DSP filters are integrated in some of our FPGAs to eliminate the CPUs involvement in isolating arbitrary frequencies of interest in sensor spectrum analysis. Doing this saves power and offloads the CPU from busy-work before the more complex analysis worthy of a CPU’s attention begins.

Extra I/O

Simple I/O like super precise frequency measurement, arbitrary frequency wave generator, fractional multi-megahertz PWM outputs, and ADC/DAC cores that can present identical programming interfaces to arbitrarily different ADC/DAC chips.