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Embedded Power Management Solutions

Expert advice and proven solutions about managing embedded system power for ultimate reliability in the field.


Preventing Corruption

Almost any computer system is subject to unexpected power failures. For some embedded systems, this only occurs when the power grid goes down. For others, it may happen when a user decides to pull the plug instead of using a documented shutdown procedure. If an embedded system is implemented without thinking about what happens when the power goes down it could lead to catastrophic failures down the road.

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Who's (Not) Afraid of the Dark

Businesses can no longer operate without disaster recovery plan with as many contingencies in place as possible to ensure minimal rebound and recovery time should an outage occur. With embedded electronics permeating further into our everyday lives, partially in thanks to the Internet of Things, there are more and more devices that we need to worry about recovering once the lights come back on. So what can you do to fend off the darkness?

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TS-7680 with TS-SILO

The TS-7680 is the first single board computer to feature the TS-SILO power reserve solution as an onboard option, providing up to 60 seconds of backup power in which to gracefully shutdown or run custom scripts. The T-7680 also features both DC and AC voltage inputs, making it ideal for HVAC, home automation, and control systems applications. It's all topped off with many industry standard interfaces and wireless network connectivity.

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The TS-SILO onboard power reserve solution.

This super capacitor solution provides precious extra time for the board to gracefully power down and ensures file system integrity whenever a power outage or brown out occurs. Now available on the TS-7680 and coming soon to the TS-TPC-7990.

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