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Unveiling the TS-SILO Super Capacitor Technology

Published as a News Article on Jun 8, 2016 (Updated Feb 11, 2022)

The TS-7680 is the first Single Board Computer to feature its TS-SILO technology, which will provide 20 to 60 seconds of reserve power in the event of a power failure. This precious extra time gives the board time to gracefully power down and ensures file system integrity.

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ JUNE 09, 2016 – Technologic Systems has introduced their TS-SILO Supercapacitor Technology which will debut on the TS-7680 Single Board Computer. TS-SILO consists of a pair of onboard supercapacitors that provides twenty to sixty seconds of additional power in the event of a power failure, depending on the number of processes running. This provides enough time for a graceful power down in order to maintain file system integrity, or keep the device online while your facility switches to backup power. The supercapacitors can be fully recharged in less than a minute once power is restored. TS-SILO also provides additional coverage against power brownouts and gaps.

The TS-SILO footprint on the embedded single board computer is slightly larger than the coin cell battery for the real-time clock, with no installation or maintenance requirements. There are no noise, exhaust, or maintenance considerations.

"Being engineers we have a lot of acronym suggestions for TS-SILO," joked Robert Miller, company Founder and President. "But really the name evolved from the fact that someone mentioned that the supercapacitors look like grain silos. That reminded me of the countryside around Marysville, OH where our company started 32 years ago and it just kind of stuck. A nice little nod to the past. The fascinating thing is that to have had this same capability back then the supercapacitors would have been dramatically larger. To get this technology on board is simply amazing."

Technologic Systems will be offering TS-SILO on future single board computer and touch panel PC products.

About Technologic Systems

Technologic Systems has been in business for 32 years, helping more than 8000 OEM customers and building over a hundred COTS products that have never been discontinued. Our commitment to excellent products, low prices, and exceptional customer support has allowed our business to flourish in a very competitive marketplace. We offer a wide variety of single board computers, system-on-modules, touch panel PCs, PC/104 and other peripherals, and industrial controllers that satisfy most embedded project requirements. We also offer custom configurations and design services. We specialize in Arm® and X86 architectures, FPGA IP-core design, and open-source software support, providing advanced custom solutions using hardware-software co-design strategies.

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