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TS-1400 and TS-1700 Modbus Peripherals Released

Published as a News Article on Sep 17, 2013 (Updated Dec 16, 2020)

Technologic Systems releases the TS-1400 and TS-1700 Modbus Peripherals. Modbus is a simple and robust serial communication protocol that is used to connect devices in industrial applications

The TS-1400 board provides six 24VDC 30A relays and uses 2x Modbus-TW RJ45 ports, allowing the user to power and communicate the Modbus devices using a single cable.

The TS-1700 is a Modbus Peripheral enclosed in a low-cost plastic box. It communicates using RS485 Modbus to provide 8 DIO which are configurable to interface with one-wire Modbus peripheral such as Temperature Sensors.

TS-1400 Thumbnail TS-1700 Thumbnail

TS-1400 with 6x 24VDC 20A Relays

TS-1700 with 8x DIO for One-Wire Temp Sensor

All TS Modbus Peripherals include:

  • Legacy RS485 Modbus support
  • High speed RS485 Modbus up to 4160KBaud
  • Dual RJ45 allowing a chain of multiple peripherals
  • Power and Data over a single RJ45 cable up to 1200 meters
  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • Read ADC for VIN voltage

For more information about our Modbus peripherals, please contact one of our engineers or visit the product pages:

  • TS-1400 with 6x 24VDC 20A Relays
  • TS-1700 with 8x DIO for One-Wire Temp Sensor


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