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The State of the Art in Embedded Design: Introducing the TS-4710 System on Module and Family

Published as a News Article on Sep 4, 2013 (Updated Feb 11, 2022)

The TS-4710 is a high-end, fanless, low-power, rugged System-on-Module based on the Marvell PXA166 Arm®-based CPU running at 800MHz with industrial temperature range. The PXA168 at 1066MHz is optional should your application demand higher performance.

The TS-4710 is an advanced platform that leverages years of in-house state of the art embedded design expertise, such as:

  • Tailored Linux fast bootrom
  • DoubleStore robust storage
  • CPU-FPGA integration
  • Debian Linux for development

The TS-4710 beats competition on boot time by displaying a Linux command prompt in less than a second. The TS-4710 features Linux Kernel 2.6.34 and Debian Squeeze distribution for extremely flexible software. Linux is highly recommended for embedded development with open-source. With 2 SD card sockets, the TS-4710 utilizes our DoubleStore technology, making the system s storage extremely reliable. The user programmable Lattice 8K LUT FPGA implements several of our controllers such as high speed SD interface, XUARTs and SPI controller.

The TS-4710 can be sold separately for smaller total cost once your product is go-to-market ready, or along with a baseboard for a complete solution enabling quick development and fast time-to-market for your application. Other products in the family include the TS-4712 with dual 10/100 Ethernet, the TS-4720 with 4GB eMMC storage, and the TS-4740 with Gigabit Ethernet.

TS-4710 Thumbnail TS-4712 Thumbnail TS-4720 Thumbnail

TS-4710 1GHz Arm-based CPU

TS-4712 w/ 2 Ethernets

TS-4720 w/ 4GB eMMC

Boots Linux under 1 second

The TS-4712 boots Linux 2.6.34 kernel out of the box in less than a second through our hardware-tailored bootrom. It loads an initial ramdisk for a very fast boot and a Debian Squeeze distribution for complete software support. Linux is highly recommended and our products embrace the open-source vision. There is no proprietary source code in the kernel since all the hardware specific functionalities are handled by user-space utilities. The complete hardware support provided by Linux enables quick application development.

Full Debian Squeeze for Embedded Development

The Debian Squeeze environment provides a powerful, stable, and familiar software stack, with over 28,000 ready-to-use software packages. It includes many common interpreters such as Python, Mono (C#), Ruby, PHP, TCL, Perl, Java, and Bash. Debian also includes the GNU Compiler Collection, allowing C/C++ on-board development.

Robust DoubleStore Flash Storage

DoubleStore is a software layer unique to Technologic Systems that provides RAID-like filesystem redundancy on SD flash media. Using DoubleStore, robust file storage can be achieved either using 2 separate cards, or on one card by splitting its capacity in half. Furthermore, TS has put the ability to boot from a DoubleStore SD card in the low-level TS-BOOTROM startup firmware, thereby giving the benefit of a fault tolerant bootup of the Linux kernel and initrd on TS boards. Visit our website and read more about DoubleStore solution in our white paper.

FPGA Flexibility

The TS-4712 features a user programmable FPGA that can reload custom bitstreams via software. Should your system require an unusual or custom interface to another device, a System on Module with an FPGA provides a fast, effective and low cost solution. Technologic Systems engineering services are available for FPGA customization.

TS-SOCKET Standard

TS-SOCKET is an embedded computer standard designed and controlled by Technologic Systems. It defines both a form factor and a connection pin-out and is based on two 100-pin low-profile connectors, allowing secure connection between a System on Module (CPU board) and a carrier board (baseboard). The TS-SOCKET System on Module offer many connections and buses via the high density connectors, such as Ethernet, USB host, USB device, UART, CAN, GPIO, SPI, SD card, I2C, I2S, LCD video, and a configurable 16 bit address/data bus. In addition, Technologic Systems offers multiple off-the-shelf TS-SOCKET baseboards to provide a complete single board computer solution:

7-inch and 10-inch Touch Panel configurations are also available:

TS-8160-4800 Thumbnail TS-TPC-8390 Thumbnail

TS-8160 Low Power Baseboard

TS-TPC-8390 7-inch TPC


The TS-4710 is available now - next day shipping for small quantities.
Price is $138 at qty 100, $155 at qty 10, $189 at qty 1.

The TS-4712 is available now - next day shipping for small quantities.
Price is $122 at qty 100, $137 at qty 10, $169 at qty 1.

The TS-4720 and TS-4740 will be available Q4/2013.

Call us at and speak directly with one of our engineers to help your next design with a TS-4710 and family products.


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