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Technologic Systems releases the TS-WIFIBOX-2 Application Kit powered by TS-7553

Published as a News Article on Aug 9, 2010 (Updated Dec 16, 2020)

Technologic Systems announces the release of a new addition to the Application Kits, the TS-WIFIBOX-2, for the second quarter of 2010. The TS-WIFIBOX-2 is the successor to the original TS-WIFIBOX. This one-piece setup includes a TS-7553 250 MHz ARM9 CPU, a TS-ENC820 plastic enclosure, and an internal 802.11g WiFi USB adapter. In addition, Linux drivers and software packages are installed to provide an out-of-the-box WiFi solution.

The TS-WIFIBOX-2 product is a small embedded computer box with extra accessories and pre-configured software packages. It is designed to provide extreme performance for applications which demand high reliability, fast bootup/startup, and WiFi connectivity at low cost and low power (about 3.2 Watts), such as a gateway or firewall, protocol converter, Ethernet to WiFi bridge, web server, WiFi audio, and unattended remote applications.


The TS-7553 is a single board computer based on a 250 MHz ARM9 CPU from Cavium Networks with 64 MB DDR-RAM. The TS-7553 offers features such as High-Speed USB host and device, 256 MB XNAND drive, microSD card, WiFi 802.11g radio option, bluetooth capabilities, Power over Ethernet (PoE) option, XBee option, and 5K LUT customizable on-board OpenCore FPGA.

TS-7553 Thumbnail    TS-ENC820 Thumbnail

The standard TS-7553 configuration implements the following features:

  • 4 XUARTs* (2-RS232, 1-RS485, and 1 TTL level to Xbee socket)
    • Alternative FPGA bitstream available with an additional 4 XUARTs (minus 1 CAN bus)
  • 1 CAN Bus
  • SPI Support
  • I2C Support
  • DMX Support
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Up to 12 DIO Lines
  • Battery Backed RTC
  • Optional USB 802.11g WiFi Adapter
  • XBee Radio Socket
  • USB Bluetooth Adapter Capable
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Designed to fit in an optional low-cost plastic enclosure
  • Multipurpose Reset/Script Button


The TS-7553 SBCs are configured to load Debian "Lenny" Linux from the onboard XNAND Drive or microSD Card during boot up time. The onboard XNAND Drive uses a minimal Debian "Lenny" Linux distribution that has been compacted to fit in the 256 MB space and leave about 50 MB free for the user and includes utilities such as apt-get for installing and removing programs. The microSD card uses a full featured Debian "Lenny" Linux distribution which includes a complete GNU C/C++ embedded development environment. Apache Web Server, FTP, SSH, Telnet and Samba network services are available with C/PHP/Perl for embedded CGI development. In addition, the Eclipse IDE for Windows configured for out-of-the-box embedded development with the TS-7553 computer is provided with the 2GB microSD Card.


Technologic Systems XNAND technology is an ultra reliable and industrial grade user-space device driver that uses Reed-Solomon codes, extra checksums, and a RAID based technique to allow any Linux filesystem to be used with confidence on NAND flash. Our TS-BOOTROM can also boot from XNAND for an ultra-reliable bootup. Please refer to the XNAND whitepaper for more information.


The TS-WIFIBOX-2 quantity 1 price is $185 or $197 with DIN mountable enclosure. Quantity discounts are available. For further information regarding product specifications, visit Technologic Systems website at www.embeddedTS.com or call at 480-837-5200.


Technologic Systems is an Embedded Systems company with headquarters in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We have been in business for over 25 years. Our product base consists of a wide variety of off-the-shelf PC/104 single board computers and peripherals, and offer custom configurations and design services. In addition, we specialize in the ARM architecture, FPGA IP-core design and open-source software support based on Linux, providing advanced custom solutions using hardware-software co-design strategies.


16525 East Laser Drive
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
TEL 480.837.5200
FAX 480.837.5300