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Technologic Systems releases new website powered by TS-7800 SBC

Published as a News Article on Jan 31, 2008 (Updated Dec 5, 2018)

In our constant endeavor to provide more accessible and informative content to you, our valued customer, we have updated our website. It is our hope that, after the initial shock of seeing our plain look replaced by a more sophisticated interface, that your browsing experience will be enhanced. Although our "menu" is new, our prices have not gone up. Here is just an overview of the improvements you will find in our new site:

  • customer area and customer data management
  • e-commerce website
  • better layout/navigation menu
  • better organization
  • better graphical quality and user-friendly interface
  • more support sources such as "contact us" forms, wiki, repositories, various resources...
  • a new search engine powered by google
  • orientation to the services we offer, such as custom designs

The new customer area allows customers to manage their personal information and keep a history of placed orders. We encourage our customers to register and use our e-commerce system to place order.

Please take a look around, make yourself at home, and feel free to send us any feedback you have regarding the new site.

TS-7800 Thumbnail

Technologic Systems continues using its stuff. Our new website is powered by our TS-7800 500MHz ARM9 SBC running Linux 2.6, Apache, PHP and MySQL housed in a TS-ENC720 metal enclosure. This is an example of how our products can be used for many different applications with reliability, low-power, and high-performance.