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Technologic Systems Announces TS-4900 Sampling Availability

Published as a News Article on Jun 17, 2014 (Updated Feb 11, 2022)

New and Upcoming TS-4900 System-on-Module with Up To 1.2 GHz Quad Core Arm based CPU, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Linux® and QNX® OS Support (Android™ and Windows® Coming Soon)

Fountain Hills, AZ June 18, 2014 – Technologic Systems Inc., an embedded systems solutions company, has announced they will be releasing limited samples of their new high end, System-on-Module (SoM), TS-4900 for engineering and early prototypes on June 30th (information on the engineering sample program can be found below). The TS-4900 can fulfill a wide variety of embedded system requirements with a modular and open TS-SOCKET™ design and high performance components, like a 1.2 GHz Single or Quad Arm® Cortex®-A9 core, 1 or 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 4 GB eMMC Flash Storage, microSD card slot, Gigabit Ethernet, and available Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth radio. Full descriptions, pictures, and resources, including manuals and schematics, for the TS-4900 can be found on the Technologic Systems' TS-4900 product page.

TS-4900 Thumbnail TS-4900 Thumbnail

TS-4900 Front View

TS-4900 rear view showing TS-SOCKET connectors

Highlights of the TS-4900 are its high performance components built for accelerated graphics, industry standard connections, wireless capabilities, and flexibility of multiple operating system support including Linux and QNX Neutrino® RTOS, with Android and Windows Embedded Compact support coming soon. Applications range widely, as the TS-4900 is general purpose and fits nearly any embedded systems applications, such as high definition digital signage and kiosks to Internet of Things (IoT) type applications. Furthermore, the industrial temperature option enables the TS-4900 to function in rugged environments such as those found in automotive and military applications.

Hardware Features

  • 1.2 GHz Single or Quad Core Cortex-A9 Arm CPU
  • 1 GB DDR3 RAM (Standard on Single Core)
  • 2 GB DDR3 RAM (Standard on Quad Core)
  • 4 GB eMMC flash storage
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0+EDR onboard radios
  • 4K LUTs FPGA (user programmable)
  • 1x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (magnetics required)
  • SATA-II port
  • PCI Express bus
  • 1x microSD card slot
  • 1x USB Host
  • 1x USB OTG
  • 70x DIO, 4x I2C, 1x I2S, 2x SPI, 2x CAN
  • 4x COM (TTL), 1x RS-485 (Transceiver Required)
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 C to 85 C)
  • Temperature compensated RTC
  • More...

The TS-4900 boots from the onboard Flash or microSD card to Linux, Android, QNX Neutrino RTOS, or Windows Embedded Compact operating systems via U-Boot bootloader. The TS-4900 comes standard with Yocto Linux distribution running the 3.10 kernel version, specially customized to take full advantage of the i.MX6 CPU 3D graphics acceleration capabilities, and boots to shell prompt in under 6 seconds. Linux distribution support can be easily expanded to include Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Slackware, etc. Optionally, QNX Neutrino RTOS can be preloaded out of the box, with Android and Windows support coming soon. Technologic Systems also includes user space utilities for controlling various aspects of the board, like DIO, SPI, and UARTs.

Software Features

  • U-Boot bootloader
  • Linux Kernel 3.10
  • QNX Neutrino RTOS
  • Android (Coming Soon)
  • Windows (Coming Soon)
  • Yocto, Debian, and Ubuntu distribution support
  • Flexible programming language support
  • Source code examples available
  • Linux GUI development using QT, GTK, DirectFB, and more
  • DoubleStore™ Technology Compatible
  • More...

About TS-SOCKET™ Open Standard

The TS-4900 is a low profile, passively cooled, credit card sized System-on-Module using Technologic Systems' TS-SOCKET connectors to interface with a TS-SOCKET compatible baseboard/breakout board. For rapid development, Technologic Systems offers two compatible, COTS baseboards for a complete solution: the TS-8550 and TS-TPC-8390 (with touch screen), both shown below. For projects requiring customized baseboards, customers can either hire Technologic Systems' custom design services or engineer their own custom baseboard using the dual 100-pin connectors available for purchase on the Technologic Systems website.

TS-8550 Thumbnail TS-TPC-8390 Thumbnail

TS-8550 Front View

TS-TPC-8390 Front View

TS-4900 Computer shown with TS-SOCKET connectors

TS-4900 Computer shown with TS-SOCKET connectors

Availability and Engineering Sample Program

The TS-4900 will be available June 30th, 2014, but is limited to between 10 and 20 pre-screened companies who are looking at evaluating the board for use in their embedded projects (see Technologic Systems' Engineering Sample Program). Quantity 100 pricing starts at $99. Other options, such as a pre-programmed bootable mSD card with Yocto Linux, are available. Those interested in participating in the TS-4900 sampling program can order the product from the TS-4900 product page, or contact Technologic Systems' engineers using the information found below in the contact section. The general public product release of the TS-4900 will follow in 4 to 8 weeks.

About Technologic Systems Inc.

Technologic Systems is an embedded systems company with headquarters in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We have been in business for 30 years, helping more than 8 thousand OEM customers and building over a hundred COTS products that have never been discontinued. Our product base consists of a wide variety of off-the-shelf PC/104 single board computers, system-on-modules, touch panel computers, peripherals and industrial controllers. We also offer custom configurations and design services. We specialize in Arm and X86 architectures, FPGA IP-core design, and open-source software support based on Linux, providing advanced custom solutions using hardware-software co-design strategies.


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