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Bringing Ubuntu Core to the i.MX6 based TS-7970

Published as a News Article on Oct 25, 2017 (Updated Feb 11, 2022)

Ubuntu Core and the TS-7970 makes for one the most secure, easy to manage, and flexible i.MX6 powered single board computers on the market.

TS-7970 Image

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ, October 26, 2017 – Today, Technologic Systems,Inc. announced that it will be partnering with Canonical to make Ubuntu Core available for their newest single board computer: the TS-7970. The TS-7970 is a high-performance single board computer based on the NXP i.MX6 CPU which implements the Arm® Cortex®-A9 architecture clocked at 1 GHz.

Bob Miller, founder of Technologic Systems said, "With the functionality of our TS-7970 and the flexibility of Ubuntu Core, I can see these powering virtually anything from industrial Internet of Things gateways, plant automation, network equipment, high definition digital signage, to remote monitoring stations."

The TS-7970 is ideally suited for deployment into a wide range of robust industrial applications and is truly a high end general purpose single board computer ideal for smart devices, auto entertainment systems, medical systems, enterprise class intelligent control, plant automation, or any high-end embedded systems. Ubuntu Core is ideal for this environment because of its rich networking and protocol support. In addition, Ubuntu Core offers a secure, reliable, and remotely upgradeable platform to easily update and maintain IoT devices making for a more secure and cost-effective deployment.

Mike Bell, EVP Devices and IoT of Canonical said, "The TS-7970 single board computer brings Ubuntu Core to the popular i.MX6 platform, delivering a new level of life-cycle management, monetization and security to a whole range of IoT applications. Ubuntu Core delivers groundbreaking security, management, operations, and upgradability in a compact developer-friendly platform, underpinned by the open 'snap' packaging technology."

The TS-7970 is offered in 800 MHz i.MX6 Solo with 1x Cortex-A9 core and 1GB RAM, or a 1GHz i.MX6 Quad 4x Cortex-A9 cores, and with 2 GB RAM. The Solo can operate at a range of -40 °C to 85 °C, while the Quad version is limited to -20 °C to 70 °C. It is important to note that only the Quad model supports mSATA over the mini-PCIe slot.

At 122 x 112 mm there is a lot of function in a small footprint. The TS-7970 includes a Lattice FPGA, in this case a Lattice MachXO2. The TS-7970 connects the i.MX6 to the FPGA with a crossbar that allows users to select the mode of the FPGA controlled I/O pins. The modes include UARTs, digital I/O, interrupt requests, and "passing through high speed IO from the CPU," says Technologic. The FPGA also adds an additional UART controller. Other features include CAN, ADC, 2x DIO, and 32x GPIO, among other I/O. An RTC and wide-range power supply are also available, as well as an optional enclosure.

All Technologic Systems products ship with substantial documentation and other developer-friendly support. A Board Support Package (BSP) featuring a Linux 4.1 kernel, source code, and support for various Linux distros. Customers have access to online guides, schematics, source code, toolchain, and binaries. And all purchases are backed with exceptional software and hardware support, a standard 1-year warranty, and 10+ year lifecycle guarantee.

For more information on TS-7970 please visit: https://www.embeddedTS.com/products/TS-7970

For more information on Ubuntu Core please visit: https://www.ubuntu.com/core

About Canonical

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, the leading OS for cloud operations. Most public cloud workloads use Ubuntu, as do most new smart gateways, switches, self-driving cars and advanced robots. Canonical provides enterprise support and services for commercial users of Ubuntu. Established in 2004, Canonical is a privately held company.

About Technologic Systems, Inc.

Technologic Systems has been in business for 32 years, helping more than 8000 OEM customers. We build over a hundred different COTS products that have never discontinued a product. Our commitment to excellent products, low prices, and exceptional customer support has allowed our business to flourish in a very competitive marketplace. We offer a wide variety of single board computers, system-on-modules, touch panel PCs, PC/104 and other peripherals, and industrial controllers that satisfy most embedded project requirements. We also offer custom configurations of our standard products and provide design services for fully customized products. We specialize in the Arm-based and X86 architectures, FPGA customization, and open-source software support, providing advanced solutions using hardware-software co-design strategies.