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Values and Manufacturing

Our Values

Enduring product lifecycle

  • 10+ year product life cycle guarantee
  • Design expertise that overcomes EOL challenges
  • Supply-chain practices mitigate EOL risks
  • Planned upgrades reduce risk for customers

Support Every Step of the Way with Open Source Vision

  • Our engineers answer your technical calls and emails
  • Source code, schematics, and full manuals provided
  • Fair pricing for all products and dev kits even at Qty. 1
  • Fast custom designs for quantities as low as 50 units

Embedded Systems Built to Endure

  • Low power designs that require no fans or heat sinks
  • Reliable industrial designs with all soldered on parts
  • Positive endurance results in several HALT-like tests
  • -40 to 85 °C temperature range available for most products

Unique Solutions Add Value for Our Customers

  • We are experts in Linux, Debian, Android, QNX, etc.
  • Sub-second Linux Fastboot with tailored Bootroms
  • DoubleStore technology for extra reliable storage
  • User-programmable FPGA with Video, SD, CAN, XDIO

Manufacturer Features

Quality Assurance

Each embeddedTS computer undergoes extensive production testing and burn-in prior to shipment, reducing failures and associated down-time and costs.

45 Day Evaluation Period

All embeddedTS products come with a 45 day money back guarantee. Try out the product you are considering and return it in good condition for a full refund when you are done - no forms, no fees, no strings.

Board customizations with no minimum quantity

Configure the SBC you need for a custom fit at off-the-shelf prices! We offer many options, extras and compatible peripherals on all of our single board computers, allowing you to configure the perfect embedded solution for your project requirements.

Factory software loading

All of our single board computers have the operating system pre-installed prior to shipment. If you have proprietary software, we even offer a service to load that software onto your computers. If you have a small production staff, this can be a cost effective way to prepare your products for shipment to your customers. Boards will come from the factory functionally tested, with your software pre-installed, ready to include in your product.

Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the USA

We are proud to operate and make our quality products available world-wide from right here in the United States of America since 1984.

ISO-9001:2015 Certified

We have been assessed and found complying with the requirements of ISO-9001:2015 by Management Certification of North America (or MCNA), an ANAB-accredited certification body, under the scope of design, manufacture, and service of a wide variety of custom and standard single board computers, system-on-modules, touch panel computers, peripherals, and industrial controllers that satisfy most embedded systems project requirements. Read the press release.