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Meet the Team

Robert Miller

President and Founder

Born and raised on an Ohio farm, Bob Miller had an early curiosity for figuring out how the world worked and liked playing with electronic things. It was no surprise when he went off to Ohio State to major in Electrical Engineering. Four years later Bob had discovered a love of Bridge, and a talent for circuit design. Bob started his career in the car phone division of Motorola in Chicago working on RF Analog designs, but it wasn’t long before the new digital micro controllers caught his attention. When an opportunity arose to design digital circuits and move his growing family back to Ohio he took it. When he and a friend saw the need for buffering between the wide variety of computers and printers that were hitting the market they created a clever circuit to smooth the communication between these devices. While working full time during the day Bob launched embeddedTS in the evenings building buffers by hand with the “help” of his young daughters, and the support of his wife on the phones for technical support and taking orders during the day. As the business and product line grew, multi port smart buffers allowed Bob to make the business a full time venture, and move it out of the home. As the buffer market was peaking Bob saw an opportunity to return back to his love of the microprocessor, and designed embeddedTS’s first Single board computer, with the Intel 386EX processor and a DOS operating system. After several successful product families on a few different x86 processors Bob again saw an opportunity to move the business forward with the rise of Arm®-based processors and the Linux operating system. Bob continues to design our embedded Arm-based systems today, his love of circuits and enterprising spirit inspiring us all.

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Laura O'Neil

Purchasing Manager and Resident Extrovert

A.S. in Electronics Technician, 39+ years experience in purchasing and ERP/MRP systems.

Her education may show she is an Electronics Technician but her passion has always been purchasing. She started working in production at an electronics company in 1980 (finding out many years later they are now a embeddedTS customer) but soon was keeping the inventory on a cardex system and helping with her first ERP integration. Years later, a few companies and many ERP/MRP systems later, she moved from Rising Sun, Maryland to Fountain Hills, Arizona. She has worn many hats since she started at embeddedTS in 2007, from shipping, receiving, RMA coordinator, sales quotes/order entry but purchasing is her main function and her passion. When not in the office she enjoys spending fun time with her dogs and her husband (of 35 years), finding treasures at garage sales (using her negotiating skills for the best deals) and enjoying the beautiful Arizona scenery and weather.

Bill Wasserman

Sales Manager

Laid-back surfer boy? Not this born and raised Los Angeles, Californian. Bill thrives on challenges, especially cycling across mountains, roads and trails. Always upbeat, he enjoys Señor Taco (loves their bean burritos), growing friendships and reading. Drawn to the dynamic and technical nature of the Embedded Computing industry he said, "yes" when offered the Sales Manager position two years ago. Customers who have worked with Bill appreciate his warm and gracious demeanor, which is a perfect match to embeddedTS's customer-centric team work culture. The diversity of our customers' applications and projects keeps him interested and very busy. If he's not going the extra mile for our customers, he is assisting co-workers. Personal satisfaction is gained when our solutions significantly contribute to our customer's success! His mantra... Teamwork! Teamwork!

Michael Peters

Embedded Systems Engineer

University of Advancing Technology: B.S. Embedded Systems Software Engineering, B.S. Artificial Life Programming

Technology devote? Science fiction nut? A purveyor of many disciplines, "anything space ships and lasers" will catch his attention. This Northern Californian technologist and gamer came to Arizona on a quest of his own design. Since 2011 he has put his love of technology to work at embeddedTS providing design and engineering support.

Eliza Schaub


B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Summa cum Laude from Arizona State, 15+ years of embedded hardware design experience and 10+ years in embedded technical sales.

With red and purple streaks in her hair, this colorful Engineer was born in Frankfurt, Germany. As an army brat Eliza moved around, which may have contributed to her invariably calm and collected persona. Effortlessly she heads off the potential crisis, from technical troubleshooting to issues in the supply chain. A leader at embeddedTS, she loves working for a company where her many talents are utilized. Making a positive impact each day is important to her. Engineering and arts are her two passions in life. There's nothing like loving your job and getting paid, too. After work she immerses herself in sewing for her nieces and nephews, working with paper and fiber crafts, or traveling. Success has been achieved when her projects come together into something new or she makes someone smile.

Ed Dawydiuk

Director of it and manufacturing engineering manager

B.S. Computer Systems, 15+ years experience in Embedded Systems, 5+ years in Design, and 10+ years in Manufacturing Engineering and Quality.

Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Eddie moved to Arizona at the tender age of five. In 2001, while attending Arizona State University, he went in search of a summer job. embeddedTS opened their doors to him under one condition – stay on after the summer. Sixteen years later he's our Manufacturing Engineering Manager and go-to guy for product history since he knows even the very old products. Eddie contributes his holistic view of the business to embeddedTS and is thankful for all the opportunities that have come his way. If work wasn't enough, this dedicated father stays busy with a set of three year old twins and a five year old. Outside of family and work he loves to run. There's nothing more peaceful than a quiet morning when the sun is rising over the Superstitions and the birds are in song to get the heart beating.

Alan Brown

Marketing Communications Manager

Associates in Graphic Design from Art Institute of Pittsburgh, 15+ Years of Marketing

No grass grows beneath this seasoned traveler's feet. Born at an Air Force Base Hospital in Izmir, Turkey, Alan has visited forty-nine states and four continents. With his lovely wife and dog, he traveled the western USA in an RV, and then toured southeast Asia. Traveling goes hand-in-hand with his other hobbies of photography, painting, and cooking. In 2015 he made a stop in Arizona and embeddedTS snatched him up as their Marketing Communications Manager. Located in Ohio, he enjoys the company's openness and collaborative team spirit coupled with the ability to be independent and find his own route, which usually leads him to trade shows across the country.

Stephani Hart

Inside Sales Manager

Bachelor's Degrees in Communications, French and Theater, 20+ years marketing, communications and management

In her free-time, you can find Steph performing in community theaters, traveling, or attending movies, plays and concerts with her husband and her US Navy son, (when he’s home). The team at embeddedTS is like another family to Steph and she enjoys watching the engineers design new products and interacting with our global customers.