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Tuition Reimbursement

Expand your knowledge. Increase your potential. Develop yourself.

embeddedTS offers tuition reimbursement to help our employees develop, maintain and advance their work-related skills. The program is designed to benefit our full time employees with many different types of study, including individual courses, online programs, technical training, undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Who is eligible?

Any full-time employee is immediately eligible to apply for English as a second language (ESL) course reimbursement. For all other courses, employees with six months of continuous service are eligible to apply.

What is covered?

Individual courses - Any class that directly affects your ability to perform your current job may qualify for reimbursement.

Occupational or technical programs - Any program that directly affects your ability to perform your current job, prepares you to perform a future role within your current business area, provides a required or preferred certification for your current job or established career path, or meets a business need.

Undergraduate program - Study towards a degree may be approved if the major is related to an employee's current position or established career path. All courses must be taken at a regionally accredited college or through an occupational or technical program approved by embeddedTS.

Extra fees and books are only covered for ESL courses.

What about graduate degrees?

Reimbursement for graduate degrees is also available, although eligibility and participation requirements are more extensive. Graduate degrees require president approval, and they must be based on an associate's current position or established career path.

What are the requirements for reimbursement?

ESL courses require a passing grade or proof of good attendance (in the event that you do not pass). All other courses require a passing grade for reimbursement. In addition, you will need to submit the receipt showing that you paid for the course. ESL course students can also submit books and fees receipts for additional reimbursement.

Can I juggle school and work?

Employees who are approved for this program are also approved for minor schedule modifications to make sure they can fit their course(s) into the work week. Of course, you increase your chance of approval if you find courses outside of normal work hours.


Tuition reimbursement is limited to $5250 per year.

How do I apply or get more information?

For more information, talk to your manager before starting your course. If you choose to apply, get the application form, fill it in and return it to your manager.