Fort Knox Packaging

Your package is being delivered.                                                                                                         

I’d like to take a moment to shine some light on an area of our business that is generally unthought of and under appreciated — packaging and shipping. The stuff that happens to get your product from the shelf to your doorstep. If you’ve ever received a package from us, I think you’ll fully agree that great pride and care has been put into the packaging to ensure your product arrives undamaged. The packing department has obviously learned quite a lot over the course of 35+ years of business and developed a fantastic process for creating robust packaging. They’ve thought of everything from perfectly sized, double-walled boxes and foam lining down to extra heavy duty packaging tape. Before moving on, let’s take a moment to really appreciate the time and attention the packing department puts into it. The team truly deserves it and I’m genuinely impressed every time I get a package from them. The Amazon smile packages got nothing on them!                                                            Go Back

Now, I’d like to lighten up a little and suggest that the well protected packaging is almost comical. If you’ve ever received a duct tape wrapped gift, and understand how difficult and funny it can be to open, then you know why I’m suggesting that. When you get the package, the first thing you’ll notice is that all the seams have been taped shut to prevent any debris or water from getting into the packaging while in transit. Again, another moment of appreciation for the team for their attention to small details. You’ll need something sharper and stronger than your hands to get in…    Go Back

That should be all the tools we need. Box cutters are too obvious.

A quick trip to the shop later, and we’ve got the tools we need to get into this thing. Remember, safety first! Let’s begin by getting one side free so we can work some other tools into it.

It really does saw all.

We can finish up the other sides by running one end of sharp scissors down the heavy duty tape covering up the seams.      Go Back

Cut towards your chum, not your thumb!

Once you’ve pulled the box’s front tabs out and opened the lid, you’ll notice a perfectly lined inside of bubble wrap. The product is very nicely secured into place and isn’t going to bounce around anywhere.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Here’s another example of a well thought out packing plan: the inclusion of extra jumpers just in case they get bumped off during shipment. A small thing, but when you get them, you can certainly appreciate it. Same with extra standoff screws if your product uses them.    Go Back

This is not a drill!

Moving on, taking the product out of the box, you’ll notice it’s not only wrapped in one layer of bubble envelopes, but two layers of bubble envelopes! From what I understand, the product would normally be enclosed in an anti-static bag, but since ours is in an enclosure, it didn’t require one. The extra padding is to remove any wiggling room.

Does toilet paper in California come with one of these labels?

Work your way through the first layer and you’ll be met with your second layer. This one has a California Prop 65 compliance warning label on it. It’s not too tough to get through.                                Go Back

Free from the padded walls of the asylum.

One of the last things you’ll notice is the use of some hefty rubber bands holding down some gasket material in order to protect the LCD screen on this particular product (TS-7553-V2 with HMI enclosure). Another good example of paying close attention to detail.

Lineman tool might be overkill.
Ahh. It still has that new solder smell.

The real final step is to take a step back and appreciate the brand new, scratch free product. It has already been tested for you, so find that power adapter you ordered with it, plug it in, and fire it up!          Go Back

Time to cleanup!

While I put these tools away, I’d like to reflect more seriously on the Technologic Systems’ packing department.

Taking care of a large order.

They work like a well oiled machine, quickly churning out high quality packaging for various products and quantities. This unboxing was just a single product, but the same great care and protections are used for orders of 50 or 200 or 1,000 quantity orders. Thanks to these efforts, you can feel confident that your product is going to arrive safely every time you place an order.                                                  Go Back

Author: Derek Hildreth

eBusiness Manager for Technologic Systems