Introduction to PC/104 Connectors

Technologic Systems products use two types of PC/104 connectors: 1.) the standard PC/104 connector and 2.) the PC/104 stack-thru connector. The standard connector is for any SBC used by itself or at the bottom of a PC/104 stack. The standard connector is provided on all of our PC/104 SBCs by default. The optional stack-thru connector is for clients who wish to use a Technologic Systems SBC in conjunction with their PC/104 motherboard. In this case, the Technologic Systems SBC will be mounted above the client board and will require a PC/104 stack-thru connector. PC/104 peripherals (daughter-boards) always have a stack-thru connector, because they must be mounted above the PC/104 SBC. Below you will find pictures of the two PC/104 connectors and an example of a PC/104 stack.           Home

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Benefits of ISO 9001 Implementation



Back in late 2014, Technologic Systems was looking to broaden its customer base and standardize its operations. We were aware that more and more customers were requiring that their suppliers be ISO 9000 registered. A decision was made to pursue the certification.                Home

Why Certify?

We knew ISO 9001 certification would allow us to compete in a much broader arena. We wanted to demonstrate that we use the best practice process approach, have robust procedures, and consistently strive to achieve the highest standards.

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Insiders View of Company Culture at Technologic Systems


TS-Stone-Sign-1600x400In every business, no matter how large or small, you work with others. Going to work means daily interaction with your fellow co-workers and workplace. Many people spend more time with their co-workers and workplace than they do their actual personal lives. So what keeps these employees happy and motivated? Company culture. It is a combined atmosphere that each workplace must consider, embrace, and nurture. It’s not just the people you work with or your everyday tasks. It’s a combination of absolutely everything you come in contact with, from the parking lot to the desk or chair you are at, or even the truck you drive (if it’s a company provided vehicle). Every one of these aspects is what makes up company culture.

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Practical Guide to Getting Started with the TS-7680



This guide will walk you through the basic steps of getting your TS-7680 up and running. It’s mostly an extrapolation from the official TS-7680 Manual, but provides a more practical and casual approach in setting up common connections, networking, and environments to begin development.

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